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QuotedData: Pantheon Infrastructure

QuotedData, a third party, provide sponsored research on PINT, and the views contained within their reports are their own and proprietary to them. Founded in 2013, QuotedData is part of Marten & Co LTD, a financial services business that specialises in the provision of a range of financial services in niche areas of investments. The integrity, accuracy and balance of QuotedData’s content provides the basis for the company’s principles and objectives, which can be found here: Content principles and objectives – QuotedData

The latest research note:
– Provides a progress report on asset allocation, the portfolio breakdown and financials
– Covers new investments which have been made since the last report was published
– Takes a closer look at PINT’s first investment with details from a recent site visit included
– Addresses the current share price discount and PINT’s balance sheet

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The initiation note:
– Starts with an introduction to PINT, outlining Pantheon as a manager
– Explores the opportunity set, Pantheon’s investment process for PINT, asset allocation and performance
– Analyses performance and how PINT is positioned relative to its peer group
– Covers other elements such as capital structure, including term and gearing, in addition to the management team and the Board

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